Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Painting

So here we go, hot off the studio wall. This is oil on canvas83cmX52cm. The church commemorates the meeting point of the ancient Iclanders: the yearly 'Alping' gathering was the focul point of the communities' calender. The Apling was an annual festival where all social ceremonies and law speaking would take place. The painting is something of a lamentation for the loss of community and titles, 'Gather We, No More'.


Clive Parnell said...

nice painting mate, like the colours. It reminds me of some churches in the highlands.

Ally Gordon said...

Thanks Clive, I woner if growing up in the highlands has left its mark on my brain. Thanks for dropping in.

becci brown said...

I love this painting, especially the ideas behind it. Longing for community that once was...Longing for a community that one day will be in all it's fullness.

Good to see you're blogging again pal.