Monday, April 30, 2007

Honeymooners Return

Nothing can prepare a young man for the sight of his bride walkinng down the aisle to meet him. I've never seen Anna look as beautiful as she did on our wedding day. After all the waiting and preparing and waiting and preparing, the big day finally arrived. How must Christ feel about his bride as he waits for his wedding day? If I felt such a cockatail of emotional ambrosia, I'm can only imagine the tears welling up in Christ's eyes too as he wipes all tears from our eyes. What a day. What a beautiful day.

Anna and I spent two nights in Midhurst before headinng off to Cuba on honeymoon. A much guarded secret and one only Anna knew when we got to the airport. We had an amazing time. Such a priveledge. As well as adding our British Sterling to the socialist regime we spent much time reading, talking, laughing, praying and getting to know each other. Such an interesting country and wonderful way to experience it as honeymooners.

Good to be back? In some ways actually, yes. After all the praying, reading and theorising about married life we now look forward (with a certain amount of terror) to working it all out in practice. We're both still a bit jet-lagged (hence a slightly eratic blog entry perhaps). We'll look forward to seeing friends again and blogging a little more but in the meantime here's a few sneaky snaps.


becci brown said...

woo! welcome back...Cuba sounds wonderful!
For some pics (though im sure u have TONS) of ure big day check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ally, Congratulations!! Ollie & I also went to Cuba on our honeymoon (you're the only other people we know who've been their for their luna de miel). Where did you go? Emma Balch

Caleb Woodbridge said...

Hi there Ally, I see congratulations are in order! I hope life has been treating you well since I last saw you at the end of January or so. I just came across your blog via a comment on Dave Bish's blog.

I'm just about to start a series of articles based on my dissertation on Christian literary criticism:, which I'll hopefully start in the next few days. Perhaps you'll be interested - I certainly enjoyed researching and writing it!