Wednesday, May 21, 2008

God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibility.

In honesty, there have been a few disappointments these last few weeks that have made what is normally a real joy in ministry something quite hard. Anyone familiar with the UCCF Arts calendar will know that the annual arts conference is on the horizon for July. For various reasons it’s been a real slog to get off the ground this year and I’ve felt quite frustrated at times.

The team have been absolutely brilliant and no one has dropped the ball in what’s felt like a really intense game. I really thank God for such a committed and enthusiastic arts planning team. Like so many difficulties in ministry most of the worries have come down to funding. Why is this so often the case?!

After six years with art students and UCCF I hope I’m learning to hold things a bit more lightly but I’d admit to feeling the pressure. Paul writes that of Christ’s sovereignty with such passionate conviction that “all things work for the good of those who love him”. How often has this proved to be the case and how often do I need to learn the lesson again. He also instructs the Colossians to “work with all your hearts as working for the Lord and not for men”. I find this convergence between God’s sovereignty and our responsibility a real mystery. When do you know when to stop fighting? How do you deal with disappointments knowing God is working for His purposes even when you can’t see it? When should faith really be blind?

All prayers would be very appreciated!

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