Monday, April 24, 2006

Heres an idea for some subversive propoganda. Perhaps an idea for Sparks. Move over Thomas Kincade!


-bb- said... to see this in completion...even the plcaes that come closest to 'utopia' will be consumed.

loving this al

Ally G said...

thanks becs. You seen to be my only blog buddy at the moment!! Guess it takes time to build up again. Blogging rocks though, eh?!

-bb- said...

yeah it takes time...once dave bish sees the link on my site and changes the link for you on his then the bloggers will start pouring in...!!

-bb- said...

OH, actually one of the best ways t get visitors to your blpg is to go on every body else's and comment. That way you make lots of new friends! Start by clicking on the links on my blog or dave bish's!!